Webcast: 5 Tips for Modernizing Utilization Management (UM) to Improve
Member Experience and Retention, Powered by AI and ML
September 22nd, 2022 at 1:00PM ET

Prior Authorization and Utilization Management (UM) practices are a key driver of member retention and satisfaction, and also a significant opportunity to differentiate your plan in the market.  Stanson Health, a PINC AITM Solution, will discuss the major factors to adopting clinically focused AI in a way that dramatically improves your UM processes, and at the same time retains the goal of appropriate utilization.

In this webinar, registrants will learn:

  • Why ‘black box’ AI models are not sufficient
  • How to integrate AI within your existing UM system
  • How to achieve massive scale: 1M+ documents per month
  • How to earn clinical, legal and financial trust 
  • How to optimize clinical labor with workflow by exception only
Register for the webinar on 9/22 at 1 pm ET to learn more. 

Ryan Nellis
Vice President and General Manager
Stanson Health, A PINC AITM Solution

Ryan leads a team of clinicians, engineers and data science experts who work together to deliver AI-infused solutions to improve patient care and health costs via a growing client network of over 690+ hospitals and 470,000+ physicians.  Ryan is a growth-oriented leader who delivers business value in investor/venture and PE-backed, high-growth, public and private companies. He has developed and executed strategies in the health analytics and real-time clinical decision support solution markets – from both the provider and payer perspectives.
Mathaeus Dejori
Chief Data Science Officer
Stanson Health, A PINC AITM Solution

Mathaeus leads Stanson Health’s data science strategy and initiatives and pioneered an UM embedded AI/NLP/ML medical necessity determination that delivers 100% of results with provenance and has earned numerous patents.  Mathaeus began his career at Siemens Corporate Technologies as a Research Scientist.
Dr. Nadia Christensen
Director of Clinical Product Development 
Stanson Health, A PINC AITM Solution

Dr. Christensen leads the clinical development, validation and partnership work with medical directors at payers for automated prior authorization and back office UM. Dr. Christensen comes to Stanson Health with 16 years of CDS build experience, and currently manages Stanson’s CDS-enabled electronic PA and PAMA products – products based on complex medical decision trees used to assess appropriateness of care or adjudication of PA decisions.
About the Sponsor

Stanson Health, A PINC AITM Company, delivers Electronic Health Record (EHR) embedded, point-of-care automated prior authorization, as well as UM embedded, real-time medical necessity determination, both powered by extensive AI/NLP/ML capabilities. Current reach includes 460,000+ providers and 690+ hospitals. UM clients includes payers such as Aetna and Magellan.
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