Webcast: New Research: How Interoperability Improves the Healthcare Experience  
July 21st, 2022 at 1:00PM ET

Healthcare organizations are moving towards a future where providing improved patient care is better enabled by interoperability solutions that provide swift, secure, and simple transfer of crucial patient data between providers, patients, and payors.

To understand the perspectives of organizations on the front lines, AWS Marketplace commissioned Xtelligent Healthcare Media to survey payors and providers in the United States. The goal? Ascertain insights that explain the current state of interoperability technology adoption and trends for its growth.  

The latest technology available to provider and payor organizations has facilitated a new type of patient experience based on virtual encounters and self-service. For a member or patient, this has revealed new opportunities for interacting with the healthcare system and allowed for a flexible, personalized healthcare experience. However, challenges have emerged to maintain health IT infrastructure capable of supporting this virtual environment and securely enabling interoperability and information sharing. Now, organizations are seeking innovative solutions and services to have better control over their digital ecosystems to provide patients and members with high-quality experiences.  

Join subject-matter experts from Xtelligent, HealthLX, InterSystems, Redox, Smile CDR, and AWS as they review survey findings and provide additional context about the numerous forces driving health systems and plans toward digital transformation around patient and member experience. 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Understand the forces driving payors and providers to prioritize interoperability 
  • Learn how new forms of software, services and data procurement can ease adoption 
  • Identify data- and technology-driven ways to improve the patient experience 

Michael Leonard
Global Healthcare Category Lead
AWS Marketplace

Michael is responsible for growing the AWS Marketplace healthcare vertical business. His previous role was a Principal Product Manager on the AWS Storage Gateway team. Over the past 20 years, Michael has progressed through a variety of roles in business development, product management and engineering at AWS, Commvault, Iron Mountain, Merge Healthcare and GE Healthcare. He built and managed teams to develop Healthcare IT solutions focused on medical imaging, EHR systems, hybrid cloud storage services and data protection solutions.
Brian Warwick
Senior Partner Solution Architect

Brian Warwick is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect for Healthcare and Life Sciences at AWS. He has seventeen years of experience building enterprise solutions, and has worked alongside clinicians in both inpatient and outpatient settings to create technology solutions used in patient care. Brian works with global AWS Partner healthcare organizations to help them achieve their business and clinical objectives on AWS. He also publishes AWS whitepapers and blogs, supports healthcare organizations with digital transformation, and is passionate about solving complex healthcare challenges by using the latest in technology.
Derrick Leung
Associate VP Strategic Partnership and Sales
Smile CDR

Derrick has 20+ years in delivering successful transformation and trend setting healthcare IT technologies across the health sector. At Smile CDR, Derrick is responsible for establishing and maintaining key industry partners that align and collaborate to achieve Smile CDR's corporate vision for #BetterGlobalHealth
Will Tesch

Will Tesch is an accomplished leader whose career in information technology innovation spans more than 30 years. During his distinguished career, Will has led digital transformations for enterprises in the healthcare, retail, supply chain, manufacturing, and insurance industries to help them improve operational efficiency, achieve cost savings, and make an impact in the world. Will is the CEO of HealthLX, a healthcare technology leader that provides payers and providers an interoperability engine designed specifically for healthcare data exchange, including the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule.
Alex MacLeod
Director of Healthcare Commercial Initiatives

In her role as Director of Healthcare Commercial Initiatives, Alex works alongside Regional and Country Managers around the world to help lead the growth of HealthShare internationally.  Alex’s focus over the past 15 years has been healthcare interoperability and she is the Business Owner of HealthShare Cloud offerings globally.
Nick McKenzie
Group Product Manager

Nick McKenzie comes from a background of healthcare interoperability experience.  He has spent stints in his career leading implementation, system architectural design, partner integration and strategy planning, developer ecosystem expansion as well as product management regarding healthcare interoperability.  One of the keys to success in Healthcare IT (and not just in making systems speak to each other) is the ability to translate a variety of elements between very different stakeholders (clinicians, developers, administrators, etc.) and ensure comprehension toward a common goal.  He looks forward to keeping a close pulse on standards development and leveraging modern platform interactions to solve making healthcare data useful.
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