Webcast: Applying Telehealth’s Place in the Industry Beyond the Pandemic: Insights from Xtelligent Healthcare Media
June 24th, 2021 at 1:00PM ET

Telehealth’s Growth and Development

Telehealth use exploded in 2020. Patients were encouraged to stay home, and the industry needed to adjust the standard of care. But now, the country is reopening. Many patients have come to not only want but also expect telehealth services from their provider, begging the question: What is telehealth’s role in care delivery after the pandemic?

In this webcast, members of the Xtelligent Healthcare Media team will present data from its research division, Insights, that answers this question. Leveraging our database of over 400,000 healthcare professions, our team both examined how provider organizations are preparing for the future of telehealth and interviewed several survey respondents to learn their organizational strategies and how they are overcoming common challenges to implementing more advanced telehealth solutions.

Learning objectives:
  • Understand the current state of telehealth
  • Learn where organizations are investing to allow for further telehealth growth
  • Recognize common strategies for successful telehealth implementation
To see the full results from our survey, check out our latest Insights report here.

To view the on-demand webcast, click here.

Emily Sokol, MPH
Director of Research
Xtelligent Healthcare Media

Emily is the director of research at Xtelligent Healthcare Media. She received her master's in public health from Brown University focusing on health services, policy, and practice. During her time at Brown, Emily worked as an analyst for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island and as a research assistant for the Center for Statistical Sciences at the university. Emily received her undergraduate degree from Boston College where she majored in English.
Kyle Murphy, PhD
Vice President of Editorial
Xtelligent Healthcare Media

Kyle manages the editorial team across all Xtelligent Healthcare Media sites. His focus is to ensure readers have access to the most important news and information in the healthcare/health IT space. Prior to joining the company, Kyle served as Assistant Editor for Nature Education, a division of Nature Publishing Group. In 2009, he received his doctorate in Editorial Studies from the Editorial Institute at Boston University.

Insights is the research division of Xtelligent Healthcare Media. Our work aims to leverage Xtelligent’s diverse readership of healthcare professionals across various sectors of the industry to understand real-world challenges and identify effective solutions. Using research best practices, Insights contributes to the company’s overall goal to educate the industry’s leaders by providing actionable insight into healthcare’s most pressing topics.
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